Friday, April 28, 2006

I find it most comfortable to wear it around my waist

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Hello readers, it's your favorite author with the Friday update. The inspiration for this strip was actually while I was walking home for my lunch break. There was this "jock"-lookin guy who was curb furniture "shopping" with his girlfriend, and he was wearing his messenger bag around his head like the guy in the last strip. It usually tends to be these types of guys who I see do it, even though that is not how I drew it. I felt having the awkward goofy guy do it works just as well. Have you ever tried wearing a messenger bag like that? It really hurts the neck after a couple of minutes, even with not much in there. I just don't understand people sometimes; which I guess is one of the great things about C-M University, it allows us all the privilege to perhaps see why we do things as people, even though they really don't make a lick of sense. I also feel I should note that when i originally drew the cave man in this strip, he was naked with just the bag to cover his shame. But then while inking my better judgement prevaled and he got clothing.

As far as the future of Pre-Historic man, I am getting pretty fed up with the Blogger format. I think I am going to evolve beyond this and move into a more web-comic friendly venue, for a couple of reasons. One reason is the fact that I can't have buttons for my readers that allow them to quickly and easily navigate through my strip. Another reason is that I would love to have navigation pages for all you readers, such as maybe a character lists page, a general comic information page, a page with my information, and even a separate links page, where I can give other websites and web-comics the attention they deserve.

I am also thinking about changing format a little, giving my comic a more "regularity" feel by giving my characters names, and a purpose in life. I currently have 5 more syndicated strips waiting for publishing, then those are going to be followed by some character re-introduction strips. I am going to pick a few of my favorite characters I have created so far, as well as a couple of new ones to flesh it out, and those will be the characters you will read along with and get to know for the rest of this comic's existence. Doing this will also give me the opportunity to get into story lines, which I previously didn't want to do, but I have so many ideas that would take multiple strips, and this would just make it so much easier to do so.

So stay tuned here for more information on this development, and if there are any other web comic creators out there with any good (and cheap/free [preferably free]) advice, please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It also spells UCM, a rare root used in many hobo stews

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Ahhhh, nothing like "dirty" humor. Yeah, I don't know what happened to this girl in the last panel, but she went from cute to ugly real fast. Women are really hard to draw. I love the way the fat guy looks. I use these two in a latter strip, and I totally screw them up in that one. I'm still getting a hang of this thing. Bonus points if you can guess what movie I modeled these two people from. Extra bonus points if you can tell which characters. As far as the comedy of this strip, I am kind of disappointed, I took a cheap shot with a cheap joke. The "punchline" was the hardest part to come up with. I must have sat in front of this strip for a good 3 hours before settling on this wonderful piece of garbage. The follow up jab at my artwork was to cover or the fact that I drew the word bubble too big. I eventually stop drawing the bubbles by hand, as you will see in later strips as well. I also don't know why I gave the caveman a T-Shirt, I think it makes it confusing visually. But, this is all a learning experience.

This is also the first strip where I use a new pen for outlining. The next strip is where I believe I change my penciling methods. I am not sure.

Ok, now I am asking for fan art, because you see, I am possibly moving soon, and I don't know if my mind can handle drawing comics on top of dealing with financials AND trying to sort through my stuff into "keep" and "should have thrown away years ago" (the hardest part of moving). So if I have fan art, I can post it up here in lieu of strips, and give you credit for the job as well. I only have one, so that would only get me through one day. I definitely need more. Even if you think you have no tallent, or you can't draw, you can take fan pictures.

Also, your left boob is crooked.

Friday, April 21, 2006

They Still Have Plenty Of Vegetarian Substitute

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Look, it's new characters! Don't worry, they are not the only ones. Also, this is a little bit closer to what you can expect from the comic. But like a new pair of underwear, it is still molding and forming so it can hold my junk just right. I kind of like the character in the green shirt. I think I subconsciously modeled him after a kid I grew up with.

I am so far behind on my new updates. I am almost out of stock on the syndicated strips. Well I have some back up things, and maybe if I get some more fanart, I'll have those too. Speaking of fan art, I only have a few people letting me know they are out there. I need to know about the rest of you. Don't be afraid, it's ok. Or maybe you are confused as to how to leave a comment? If that is the case, simply click the link below this post that says "Add Stone Carving". That is the cleaver little name I gave my comment link. Also, feel free to tell your friends about me, get them into the insanity. If you don't, I'll tell everyone that you are reading web comics and your reputation will be ruined forever!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!...Wait, maybe making threats is no way to get I know why no one played with me on the playground.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You Need To Know This

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Damn it. I had my whole thing typed out ready to go, and then stupid thing reset on me and deleted all my text. Jerks.

Well, as I was planning on saying, this one is not one of my favorites. It's just kind of lazy, and not that funny. However, I didn't want to get rid of it, because if I put this in now, it allows me time to create this idea as being a recurring, simple joke, for those days when I just can't do it. Despite the lack of humor, I am kinda proud of myself with the artwork. I think I did a pretty good job of making my two cro-mags look similar enough that they could be twins, but not similar enough that they could have been cut and paste. This "strip" also marks the first appearance of a "real" cro-magnon person. HOORAY! You've been waiting, and I finally delivered. The look of the cro-mag evolves though my next few strips, and you also get a variety of looks, so you have a couple of different cave man characters. Maybe this also means some fan art will come "pouring" in?

On a historical note, I know that the clothes I designed for the cavemen look nothing like what scientists theorize the actual clothing looked like, but A) those clothes would be harder to draw B) these clothes are more comical and C) shut up you nerds.

I also must apologize for the latency in my updating. I can only blame my non-drowsy allergy medicine, which doesn't make me drowsy until around 9pm, when no matter what I am doing at that point, I start to pass out. I almost missed the end of 24 last night, that's how bad the drowsiness is. SO I will try to update on time regularly, but just so you know, I can't make any promises during allergy season.

Friday, April 14, 2006

LATELINE Interview, Part 4

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Hello fans! Hope all is well. It is pure coincidence that my first religious joke falls on Passover, but that's how things go I guess. And look, Dr. Bill Deanofstudents is recovering nicely. Too bad this is the last we will be seeing of him for a while. This fun little jab at the creationists is the lead into the regular format of the rest of the strip. And what A handsome fellow in the fourth panel. Whom ever could that be? I wonder...
I also would still like to know who is out there reading me. Please, comment, say hi, something.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

LATELINE Interview, Part 3

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From the author:
Well I was leaving these notes in my comments section, but I don't know how many of you knew to look there. Well here we are week #2, and goin strong. A couple of notes; First off, I realize that my comics are riddled with spelling errors and the drawings are very crude, but I assure you, things get better as we grow. I am now using spell check. and also take a little more time to ink and edit. So look for improvement over the next couple of months (mind you that I created the comics you are reading now a couple of months ago). Why don't I fix the old ones you may ask? Well, because, that's why. That and I can pull a Lucas and release special editions later when I am too uninspired to creat new strips, I can just re-edit the old ones and make them "better". Also, I am quite interested to know who is out there reading? Do I know you? How did you hear of me? Let me know.
Edit on Tuesday April 11th, at 1:50pm:
The thing with Dr. Bill Deanofstudents's face is that he is covered in bandages because he had the duck bill removed that he got at the end of the first strip.. I left a large gap in the timing of the interview, which ended up being filmed over a matter of weeks, due to the reconstruction surgery.

Friday, April 07, 2006

LATELINE Interview, Part 2

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome Students!

Welcome Students! To give you a better idea of where you can plan on going with this school. Here is a clip from the interview with our dean and founder, from the news program