Friday, March 30, 2007

Boy, Did I!!!

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Ok, I think I should go see a doctor about this. My funny is missing. What te hell. Has the joke well possibly run dry? Or maybe I am just lame.

So can you believe it? Next week marks exactly one year of C-M University!! Granted, most of you know it now as "The Further Adventures of Josh", but don't worry. The cave men shall return once I return...or I mean, when I return, I will return to the cave men...or, but I am not anywhere...well in the comic I am...but I am not anywhere real life...but then...

Ok. I confused myself.

What? It happens...often...but only in real life...and sometimes in the comic...which is not totally faithful to real life, but based on it's different...

Stinky Foot is going to be awesome!!!
That's all I am trying to say.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Muddy Waters, or Blind Mellon Chittlin?

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This one is rather colorful, wouldn't you say?

But is it funny?

I don't think so. But you know what will be funny? Stinky Foot will be funny. I have so far knocked out three strips, and they are so far pretty funny. I have been testing them on the people in my office. So you might say that to work with me carrys an added bonus of knowing how exactly I am spending my time at work...I mean...

So yeah, hopefully I will get a strip done on friday as well.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Could Have Gone With Jesse

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(if only life were that easy)

So yeah, this strip is kinda lame, and drawn poorly, but I think you get the idea. And if you do, can you explain it to me, because I don't.

So yeah, they blocked livejournal at my place of business, leaving this as the only blog I can access. They say it's blocked because it falls under the category of "adult", which is bull-dookie. So today I was going crazy because I couldn't write in it or read it, and when I am home, I don't go on livejournal as much, for no real reason. It's just really really annoying. But I figured out how to get it back. First I have to convince my boss to let me post an office journal. Basically use it as an excuse to host the weekly meeting minutes on a webpage for people to access at all times, and as far back as they wish. THEN once I get his go-ahead, all I have to do is call the IT department and tell them that Pennywise the clown is scary, and also that I need to access livejournal for the company. Then I will have access at work, and all will be well with the world again. After all, it's only a matter of time before they take away my blogspot, and then I will not be able to read my comics (not just mine, but the ones I have linked in my blog which I read frequently/daily).

Ok, that's enough scheming out of me.

What happened to Ricky Schroder, when did he become such a crazy mo-fo?
I was also calling it from the begining that Nadia and Milo were in on this. Why else would they randomly bring Milo back now?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Down By The Sea

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I assure you the view on the Mediteranean Sea is MUCH nicer then how I portray it. Go see for yourself if you don't believe me.

So I am making headway on the "secret" new "announcement" which I will officially make here on this sight on April 3rd (the one year anniversary of C-M University is April 4). SO keep your eyes, ears, mouth, and bunghole wide open.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't Leave Me Hangin' On The Telephone

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Ahhhh humorous.

Well I am quickly approaching a year of this comic. Pretty cool, even though I slacked through most of it.

Don't judge me.

As a one year anniversary, I have decided to do something.

Here is a teaser for what I might be doing.
I'm right. I do.

Friday, March 09, 2007

And In The Morning It's, Girls

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Apparently every time I try to draw people, I make them look like they have downsyndrome. No one has told me this, it is the conclusion I have come to myself.
So yeah, I missed two posting days, and you must be saying to yourself "what the hell happened? Did he go away? Was he sick? Did his hands fall off?" I assure you it was none of the above. What happened was a case of writers block and just being busy when I wanted to work on the comic, and lazy when I didn't. I was having trouble with where to go next with my comic, and I was stuck on an idea that wasn't going anywhere. Thanks to Aaron, however, I was put on a different diection when he gave me this wonderful idea. Don't blame him if the writing sucks and the joke is offensive, that's all me, he just guided me in this I guess in a way, if you don't like this one, it is his fault.
I'm getting pretty clever with the secret names, aren't I? Today is also the birthday of half of the name and character influence for Professor Brad Siegel. So happy birthday to Brad.
I almost didn't make this post either. I had gotten that artwork all done, but for the past few nights the internet in our apartment has been not working (for completely illogical reasons, the signal is registered as being there, and Time Warner sees that it's on, but we can't connect). Last night we got a new modem from Time Warner (well actually the other half of Prof. Brad Siegel picked it up yesterday). So we hooked it up and the internet worked again perfectly...for about an hour and a half, then it mysteriously stopped working again, just like before. So now we have to wait until NEXT SUNDAY for someone to actually come to our apartment and fix the problem, whatever that may be. It's all freakin retarded if you ask me. So I had to burn the strip to disk and then upload it at work, where I am now.
That's all for me. back to "work".