Tuesday, April 11, 2006

LATELINE Interview, Part 3

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From the author:
Well I was leaving these notes in my comments section, but I don't know how many of you knew to look there. Well here we are week #2, and goin strong. A couple of notes; First off, I realize that my comics are riddled with spelling errors and the drawings are very crude, but I assure you, things get better as we grow. I am now using spell check. and also take a little more time to ink and edit. So look for improvement over the next couple of months (mind you that I created the comics you are reading now a couple of months ago). Why don't I fix the old ones you may ask? Well, because, that's why. That and I can pull a Lucas and release special editions later when I am too uninspired to creat new strips, I can just re-edit the old ones and make them "better". Also, I am quite interested to know who is out there reading? Do I know you? How did you hear of me? Let me know.
Edit on Tuesday April 11th, at 1:50pm:
The thing with Dr. Bill Deanofstudents's face is that he is covered in bandages because he had the duck bill removed that he got at the end of the first strip.. I left a large gap in the timing of the interview, which ended up being filmed over a matter of weeks, due to the reconstruction surgery.