Friday, January 05, 2007

They Never Saw It Coming

(click to enlarge)
Well I am off to Israel on Sunday, and I won't be back until Thursday the 18th, and I really don't think i will be doing too much of the working on strips thing while over there. Birthright trips are very scheduled and will keep me very occupied, in more then one sense.
Depending on how great the trip is, I might make a small story line about it, starting with this one. I already have my jars packed. I hope to get enough milk and honey to last the rest of the year. And then I will have another story line about me and bedbugs, which will make this comic a lot more self least more obviously.
I think I might want to turn this one into a T-Shirt, because it's funny.
Hope everyone had a good new years, and the lack of comics from me will not be too different from the last month-plus. But I will come back, I swear...