Friday, May 12, 2006

You know you'd have done the same thing

(click to enlarge)

I really like this one. I am really starting to get a more defined style. Plus the leopard print on the cro-mag, who actually manages to stay on model, is such a fun touch. This is also the first strip edited entirely on The Gimp. I also downloaded a mess of new fonts before editing this one, and had some fun using them (such as the "BAM!" and the dialogue font). The only problem I have with the entire thing is the two human characters, they are off model every frame, and for some reason, I gave the guy a neck. I assure you that will never happen again. One thing I am definitely going to be working on in future scripts is keeping the characters on model; something I am sure will come with time and practice.

I also better hurry up with my updates and edits, I have one week left of syndication. Not good, especially with my moving coming up at the end of the month and all the stuff I have to do for it. I also must apologize now for the early posting. I am heading up to Buffalo for the weekend for my brother's "graduation". Next week hopefully there will be no interruptions, and posting will be timely and funny.

Also, people seem to be forgetting about the contest. Please go here and read all about it, then make your submission. Don't make me get violent.