Friday, February 09, 2007

Breaking Down All Walls

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G-d I love jokes that break the fourth wall. Wait, in 2D, would it still be the fourth wall, or would it drop down a peg to the third? Think about THAT ONE over your morning coffee, or crack pipe. What ever gets you though the day. Who am I to judge?

Ok, I feel I should point out, dicluding myself, every other charcter on this trip will be based on real people, whether on the trip or not. All names will be changed (again obviously except for mine) ince my art sucks so much, even if you think you know who someone is, you most likely will be wrong. If you think that a character is yourself, you might be wrong, or you might be right, or you may be a crazy person in a rabbit costume. Whatever the case, don't just assume and hate me. First assume, then ask, then get confirmed in your assumption, then hate me.

So who wants to be a stick figure? Maybe I should have given myself hair.