Friday, June 09, 2006

Group Picture - Faculty

(click to enlarge)
Question: What has two thumbs, and forgot to update on time?
Answer: This Guy! (point's to self with thumbs in a baggy that were cut off from some other guy)
So here is the staff, well the ones I introduced you to anyway, in all their "staffy" glory. The text on the books is kind of hard to read regretibly, because the books that Professor Bobberton has to read are quite characteristically humorous. I also just like the dress of the staff, it's very fun, and I am pretty sure every one of us at one time or another has had a teacher dressed as one, if not all, of the teachers pictured.
Also, if you notice, the grass is astroturf, at least it is supposed to be. And watch out for Professor Anonymousshadow. He's got that fist of rage goin on.
Ok, actual strip on tuesday. And it's a duzey.