Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You Need Coolin', Baby I Ain't Foolin'

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Well here it is, Tuesday....Ok fine, it's the afternoon...making me over a day late with this post. Well you read this for free, so you have no right to complain. I however have a right to beg you to keep reading. You can blame the lateness on me being Jewish and also lazy, because this past weekend i was too busy doing nothing, and then Monday I was too busy fasting. Sure I was going to work on the art on Monday, but the only thing that came out was Link devouring a giant sandwich, which would have nothing to do with Colorado. Now that i think of it, that is pretty funny. But yeah, then I broke fast too hard and too fast, and got sick, so Tuesday I started drawing, but couldn't finish. I wanted to do something funnier, but alas, this is what I got.
The handwriting is courtesy of my left hand. I have to hand it to you lefties, what you guys do is tough. Normally with my right hand I can draw and write no problem, but with my left hand, it was a complete struggle, but gave me the desired effect of a cro-magnon man trying to write in modern english print. If you can't read the letter, it reads:
"Hello Josh
I am cold.
I don't like the hi mooving
chairs. Skiing is fun.
I can not wait
for the pretty
Pretty things? That must be a clue as to where they are going? But where could they possibly be going? Have you guessed it yet? Friday might be a reveal...but then it might not. It is up to you to keep reading, and guessing. Also, interesting how Link can't use the correct version of "high" and can't spell "moving", but has no problem spelling "pretty". I couldn't spell pretty right until some time in my early 20's, and he just learned the language. It's not fair.
It is also oddly strange that I am jealous of a ficitional character, which I created.
Well after I posted this, I found out that Blogger made all of these updates to their site, so I now I have a one strip per page layout, where you can flip back through strips. All you have to do is click the text that says "Older Posts", and keep doing that to go backwards. To go forwards, click "Newer Posts". However, i still do not have a function to jump you all the way forward or all the way back, so to go to the beginning, you still have to click the link in the archive, but you can then easily thumb through the rest via the "Newer Posts" button. Pretty soon I will be creating some backdated posts which will become fan art and information pages. If you are interested in being in the fan art page, submit me some fan art.