Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It also spells UCM, a rare root used in many hobo stews

(click to enlarge)

Ahhhh, nothing like "dirty" humor. Yeah, I don't know what happened to this girl in the last panel, but she went from cute to ugly real fast. Women are really hard to draw. I love the way the fat guy looks. I use these two in a latter strip, and I totally screw them up in that one. I'm still getting a hang of this thing. Bonus points if you can guess what movie I modeled these two people from. Extra bonus points if you can tell which characters. As far as the comedy of this strip, I am kind of disappointed, I took a cheap shot with a cheap joke. The "punchline" was the hardest part to come up with. I must have sat in front of this strip for a good 3 hours before settling on this wonderful piece of garbage. The follow up jab at my artwork was to cover or the fact that I drew the word bubble too big. I eventually stop drawing the bubbles by hand, as you will see in later strips as well. I also don't know why I gave the caveman a T-Shirt, I think it makes it confusing visually. But, this is all a learning experience.

This is also the first strip where I use a new pen for outlining. The next strip is where I believe I change my penciling methods. I am not sure.

Ok, now I am asking for fan art, because you see, I am possibly moving soon, and I don't know if my mind can handle drawing comics on top of dealing with financials AND trying to sort through my stuff into "keep" and "should have thrown away years ago" (the hardest part of moving). So if I have fan art, I can post it up here in lieu of strips, and give you credit for the job as well. I only have one, so that would only get me through one day. I definitely need more. Even if you think you have no tallent, or you can't draw, you can take fan pictures.

Also, your left boob is crooked.