Saturday, July 01, 2006

It Says "Fast Results: The Caveman Workout"

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Ok, here it is, another one in under the wire.
I am finally seeing Superman tomorrow.
Mission Hill is still funny.
Next Day Edit:
I have got to stop getting to these things so damned late. It's seriously effecting dialogue quality. So sorry if you have failed to laugh this week; at least at my comic. If you failed to laugh elsewhere, maybe it is you who has the problem, and not I. I had fun thinking of the signage for the gym. Originally I was going to have sign up tables in the background, but opted for the "less time consuming" posters. Obviously starting out with two basic, and not as funny as they could be "real" posters, then moving into the sarcastic, and then the personal joke, finally followed by the set up for the next strip. And then maybe one strip more after that, depending on what I can "fit" into the next one, and the lest one will hopefully segway into a NEW ARCH!
Also, because you can't read it, thanks to Tiny's fat head and upper body, the following sign says "Ballet: It's NOT Totally Gay."
Saturday Edit:
There will be no updates next week (Tuesday OR Friday). I have decided to take a week off, mostly because I will be away through Tuesday Evening, I have no strip even penciled yet, and I could really use the time off. You can read about it more in my livejournal.
I will be back the week after, hopefully.