Friday, March 30, 2007

Boy, Did I!!!

(click to enlarge)

Ok, I think I should go see a doctor about this. My funny is missing. What te hell. Has the joke well possibly run dry? Or maybe I am just lame.

So can you believe it? Next week marks exactly one year of C-M University!! Granted, most of you know it now as "The Further Adventures of Josh", but don't worry. The cave men shall return once I return...or I mean, when I return, I will return to the cave men...or, but I am not anywhere...well in the comic I am...but I am not anywhere real life...but then...

Ok. I confused myself.

What? It happens...often...but only in real life...and sometimes in the comic...which is not totally faithful to real life, but based on it's different...

Stinky Foot is going to be awesome!!!
That's all I am trying to say.