Friday, May 05, 2006

I left it in a network folder

(click to enlarge)

What better way to celebrate Cinco Di Mayo with festively painted people. That cave man doesn't seem to be too happy about it though (at least not in the first panel). The title of the strip is an homage to a personal tragedy-turned joke. This also marks my 10th strip! And in honor of it being my tenth strip, I am making the last panel a contest (that was the intention, beyond the joke). So this is for all of you to stretch your mental muscles and come up with a new mascot for C-M University! It doesn't even have to be funny, you don't even have to draw it. Just follow these simple rules:
  1. The mascot has to be relevant (or irrelevant)
  2. If you submit a drawing, submit it in JPG format, with an explanation of why
  3. Feel free to submit more then one, each with it's own explanation
  4. If you are not drawing, you can send a photographic interpretation, with explanation
  5. In lieu of drawing or photographing, send an in-depth description of what the mascot should be and why.
  6. Submit all entries with your name and home town, in email to, with a subject line of: "Every College Needs a Mascot, Contest"

All entries must be received before May 31st, 2006. Then (depending on how may good entries I get) I will pick the top three and allow my readers to vote on who, or what, the new mascot for C-M University will be. This should be interesting. I will feature all submissions eventually on their own separate page.

As far as the artwork in this strip, I am pretty proud of myself. Not only is it entertainingly simple, but also the characters are actually ON MODEL in the first and fifth panels. I will admit that I had some fun coloring them in, picking the official school colors (blue and silver, in case you missed it). I realize that there are plenty of spelling errors in this strip as well. I completely forgot to run my dialogue through word, and I didn't notice until posting the strip, and I am too lazy to go back and correct it now. So look for a special edition of this strip before announcing the winner of the contest. I wonder what the Mascot for the Chronic Bed-Wetters would have been anyway?