Tuesday, May 09, 2006

But who is to say he is wrong?

(click to enlarge)

Well here is your first glimpse of the main campus of C-M University. This also is the first comic partially edited with The Gimp, which will be my new default editing software over Photoshop. It allows me to do some great text effects, which is the most important thing to editing background anyway. I wish I had this program for this strip, for depth on the menu and signs.

This strip also marks the first joke that came to mind when I thought up this concept. Sure it stereo-types fraternity guys, but what ever, it's not like any of them read web comics anyway, right? This one was a fairly big pain in the ass to draw with all the "details". And unfortunately my scaling is completely off. Also, you may have noticed I didn't use a single ruler or straight edge for this piece. I hate rulers, just as much as I hate rules. I'm a rebel I tells ya, a rebel without a cause, just like in that popular movie I saw.

Last week's contest is still going on, you have all month to enter, and I still have only received one entry. If you notice, the banner being hung up on the union awnning is coving up what the mascot will be. All it says visibly is "Go". Please people, if you are planning on entering, enter as soon as possible, and if you are not planning on entering, plan on entering. Just do it, it should be fun. And I am adding extra incentive; when you enter your submission, if you enter it with a picture of yourself (along with, or even as the submission), I will add you to my comic (and if you are good enough, maybe a recurring role. Click here for more information.