Tuesday, June 13, 2006

They Also Think About Really Cool Web Comic Ideas

(click to enlarge)
In case you missed it, the joke is stoned people only think about Monkeys and Robots (besides the previously mentioned other things they think about).
So what do you think about the new mascot? I like it. I can have some fun with this one. Notice I am back to the old format of minimal color. I am planning on staying that way. It's just a million times easier, and I feel like all the characters look different enouhg that I can get away with it. I am actually quite proud of this strip. IN my opinion, it's one of my best yet. I am also happy to be back to strips, although I am already behind in getting them updated.
You may also notice that I have changed the layout of the page all together. In lew of having good navigation, you can scroll down to read the previous posts, as apposed to click on the dates. I also added a few other comics to the side bar; one of note, Joe and Monkey. It's quite obsurd, and the author must be a stoner, because all he talks about are Monkey's and Robots (and sometimes ducks). It is very funny though. Had me laughing all through the office.