Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Says What Makes Cold Cold?

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In my defence, it's only logical to assume that people who organize things don't know what they are talking about, ever. Also, who decides what's really cold? I mean my grandma once made me and my brother wear long-johns under our clothes...IN DISNEY WORLD! Granted it was december, but about an hour into the day, my brother and I were over-heating like crazy. I mean, I went to school upstate, and I would come home on winter break and walk the dog in a t-shirt, gym shorts and sandals...and this was BEFORE my parents moved to the South. So I think I was right in second guessing the fine people of Shorashim and the JNF...right?

Probably not.

And how about that allergy commercial with the Jockey! The dude not only has a high voice, but also is tiny and has POINTY EARS!! I am pretty sure that qualifies him as an elf. I discovered a real life elf. Eat that everyone who loves fanatsy stuff way more then I do! The latin name will be Joshuos Esawsomous.

Thursday Night TV on NBC is awesome again.
That's all I am going to say about that.