Friday, June 23, 2006

Nothing, Mr. Simmons

(click to enlarge)
Now this is what I call a last minute strip. I started penciling it at work on Monday, and really didn't get past the second pannel until I got home from work on Thursday afternoon. Problem was I knew how I wanted it to start, and end, but I wasn' sure how I wanted to go about the middle bit. And I am so freaking tired today, and have been pretty much the entire week, that I don't even know if any of this strip makes sense. If it does, gat. If it's funny, even better. I finished editing the minute before posting.
Well today I am going to be seeing Conan, and then going right from the taping to the Yankee game. A fun NY day for sure. Maybe I'll find time this weekend to work on more strips. I might be taking an unscheduled hiatus. I'll let you know.