Friday, April 28, 2006

I find it most comfortable to wear it around my waist

(click to enlarge)

Hello readers, it's your favorite author with the Friday update. The inspiration for this strip was actually while I was walking home for my lunch break. There was this "jock"-lookin guy who was curb furniture "shopping" with his girlfriend, and he was wearing his messenger bag around his head like the guy in the last strip. It usually tends to be these types of guys who I see do it, even though that is not how I drew it. I felt having the awkward goofy guy do it works just as well. Have you ever tried wearing a messenger bag like that? It really hurts the neck after a couple of minutes, even with not much in there. I just don't understand people sometimes; which I guess is one of the great things about C-M University, it allows us all the privilege to perhaps see why we do things as people, even though they really don't make a lick of sense. I also feel I should note that when i originally drew the cave man in this strip, he was naked with just the bag to cover his shame. But then while inking my better judgement prevaled and he got clothing.

As far as the future of Pre-Historic man, I am getting pretty fed up with the Blogger format. I think I am going to evolve beyond this and move into a more web-comic friendly venue, for a couple of reasons. One reason is the fact that I can't have buttons for my readers that allow them to quickly and easily navigate through my strip. Another reason is that I would love to have navigation pages for all you readers, such as maybe a character lists page, a general comic information page, a page with my information, and even a separate links page, where I can give other websites and web-comics the attention they deserve.

I am also thinking about changing format a little, giving my comic a more "regularity" feel by giving my characters names, and a purpose in life. I currently have 5 more syndicated strips waiting for publishing, then those are going to be followed by some character re-introduction strips. I am going to pick a few of my favorite characters I have created so far, as well as a couple of new ones to flesh it out, and those will be the characters you will read along with and get to know for the rest of this comic's existence. Doing this will also give me the opportunity to get into story lines, which I previously didn't want to do, but I have so many ideas that would take multiple strips, and this would just make it so much easier to do so.

So stay tuned here for more information on this development, and if there are any other web comic creators out there with any good (and cheap/free [preferably free]) advice, please feel free to contact me.