Friday, April 21, 2006

They Still Have Plenty Of Vegetarian Substitute

(click to enlarge)

Look, it's new characters! Don't worry, they are not the only ones. Also, this is a little bit closer to what you can expect from the comic. But like a new pair of underwear, it is still molding and forming so it can hold my junk just right. I kind of like the character in the green shirt. I think I subconsciously modeled him after a kid I grew up with.

I am so far behind on my new updates. I am almost out of stock on the syndicated strips. Well I have some back up things, and maybe if I get some more fanart, I'll have those too. Speaking of fan art, I only have a few people letting me know they are out there. I need to know about the rest of you. Don't be afraid, it's ok. Or maybe you are confused as to how to leave a comment? If that is the case, simply click the link below this post that says "Add Stone Carving". That is the cleaver little name I gave my comment link. Also, feel free to tell your friends about me, get them into the insanity. If you don't, I'll tell everyone that you are reading web comics and your reputation will be ruined forever!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!...Wait, maybe making threats is no way to get I know why no one played with me on the playground.