Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's Like Futurama in Reverse

(click to enlarge)

Does this make sense? It did when I planned it. I couldn't really figure out what a good Abe Lincoln punchline would be. I just thought it was so funny that the Cro-Mags would be put in charge of putting together their own play about something that happened in our past, but their chronological future and only current past. I also like the construction paper hats and "indian" bandanas. Also using the word indian. Remember when we said that in school Thanksgiving plays and songs.

Also remember "Addams Family Values"? That movie was hella funny.

I will be gone Friday and next Tuesday for the holiday. Friday is my little sister Blair's birthday. If you know her, say happy birthday to her. If you don't know her, that could be creepy. I forgot to send a card.

Got it, we'll rob a train.