Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Group Picture - Students

(click to enlarge)
It's evil I tells ya. EVIL! Happy apocalypse day everyone! Is anyone going to see The Omen remake? I might. I have to give someone a call to see if they want to. If only I was ready with a topical strip, and not some kind of "street scene" with the "students" of "C-M University".
I am quite proud of this piece. I think it is a fun capturing of peoples personalities, and also allows all the student characters to be seen at one moment. I wanted to get the professors in there too, but it would have been too much going on. So the professors will have their own like this on Friday.
As far as the contest, it is over, on the grounds that I have no entries, but that is ok, I picked one out from my own brain, and then resulting strip will hopefully be quite humorous. I think people will like the mascot I have chosen as well. If not, maybe if this thing picks up more momentum, I'll have another contest. I am also working on definitely moving to an actual web server, and not just this blogger garbage. I already have the domain name secured, now all I have to do is build the site, and find the time to do so. Thankfully I have a small plethora of strips to work with while trying to build.
Ok, well that's all for me. Feel free to leave comments, especially if you have now useless ideas for a mascot.