Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just be thankful he didn't do this on "Commando Thursday"

(click to enlarge)

I call this one "the triumphant return of Dr. Bill Deanofstudents". What a sleaze this man is...I love it. Only a school like Cro-Magnon University could have been founded by such a man. I am currently writing a story line on the actual creation of the school/finding the portal. Obviously it will feature a much younger Dr. Bill, and hopefully much hilarity. But don't expect to see that story-line any time soon.

So I actually got the spelling down on this one. Also, pretty into my defined style. There will be one more change, and that is the change of font, to a more legible and comic friendly one. Also, how about this new character huh? If you thought Dr. Bill Deanofstudents was a good name. Also, Professor Anonymousshadow will be coming back, as the arch enemy of C-M University and more specifically Dr. Bill Deanofstudents. I also wonder what the first Donald Trump lawsuit was that Dr. Bill encountered. Maybe we can have a contest for that too.

But I don't think a contest for that would work because we still have no submissions for this contest. Come on people, let's get a move on with this thing. I would like a new mascot by the 31st of May, and I would like my "fans" to pick one out for me. It can be simple, and I will add another prize to the winner, once I figure out what that could be. So write in, and be good all.