Tuesday, May 02, 2006

He heard "Risen King"

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This one is one of my favorites, but really the joke doesn't make sense without the title. I had the idea while passing one of those Church Billboards, where it said something with "Risen King", and I thought, "Hey, Risen can sound like Raisin" and then I thought about the Futurama episode where Fry defeats the Brain-Spawn by writing a book about defeating them, and spells reason raisin. Putting all those together I whipped out my pencil and a piece of paper and got to work.

This strip also represents the first strip to have a character with a name that is not Dr. Bill Deanofstudents. Sure Paul is not as cool a name, but what you don't know is that his last name is Namey, because he was the first to have a name. I like how I managed to draw him really cool and mellow in the first panel, then all of a sudden in the second, he is drunk or something, and then in the last panel his arms are magically stick thin. Also this is the least hairy cro-magnon person EVER (both here and in real life). I figured there had to be hairless(er) people out there back then, almost as a mutation in evolution (much like blondes and redheads, that's a scientific fact, don't get all pissy). I also wanted to experiment with different noses for the cro-mags, hence the pig-nose. I actually really like the way this cave man looks, and you can expect him to stick around when the comic evolves. Same with Paul Namey.